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1. Why do you do that?

Our main goal is to achieve renewed and real development of European cultural and Christian values in the places where we are at home. Our current home is Europe, and we want to live here a normal life with those who also want Europe to remain a sophisticated Christian place. The place from which the whole world can acquire many good things. We are just ordinary Christians who are obedient to the voice of their God. We know from our own experience that his word has the power to change people´s lives. Thus, we want as many people as possible to get freely acquainted with his voice. We know very well that the person people listen to and known him well may change what the people do, and he may bring them where he is.


2. How can we cooperate and communicate with you?

Please send your questions and suggestions to office@bookforfree.eu. – We will answer them as soon as possible.

There are three methods how to cooperate with us:

First method: You may provide us with a financial donation sent to our account, and we will send you books for free to the addresses mentioned in the order form at our website.

Second method: Via e-shop of the publishing house Družstvo Ekon, you may buy leaflets which inform how to get a book for free, and you may distribute them around you or in the country you are just going to visit.

Third method: You may participate in various special events which the association will hold for concrete small regions in Europe.

We will inform you on other methods and possibilities of cooperation on our Twitter www.twitter.com/DruzstvoEkon in advance.


3. What happens to the donation I sent you?

The donations you sent us serve to cover costs the association has with the project BookForFree.eu. The costs include purchase of books, postage and packing, also costs of operating the web pages and presentation of possibilities how to get a book for free. The presentations are either physical, when the leaflets are distributed in particular states, or in the form of paid advertising at Google and YouTube.

People, who work for us in particular states of Europe and world, work without financial compensation. The co-workers from our central office, which is in the Czech Republic, also work for free. Neither the chairman nor the vice-chairman has lump compensation for exercising the function. Your donations serve only for the payment of necessary direct costs for securing the project BookForFree.eu.


4. Who finances you and whose interests do you protect?

The activity of the association is financed by donations from physical and legal persons. The donations come from the whole word.

The association BookForFree.eu protects only the interests which are the subject of its activity. The association is not involved in any interest or commercial association of persons or companies. The foundation members are ordinary religious persons who do not have any assignment to what they do from other persons, churches or secretly acting companies. The association BookForFree.eu only cooperates with OSDSA on voluntary basis. This partnership cooperation with the biggest and oldest corporation, which actually works in the field of spreading the word of Jesus Christ, delights us a lot. The cooperation operates in a wide information scope which, thanks to the historical origin, really blends with the spectrum of all world activities which respect the Bible and are primarily focused on Jesus Christ. The association BookForFree.eu operates in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic and European Union and neither now nor in the future will provide information on the persons interested in buying the book for free to any third persons.


5. Who is the founder of the association and what is his profit?

The foundation members of the association are spouses Mrs. Eva and Mr. Petr Jirásko from the Czech Republic.

The chairman and vice-chairman of the association do not have any claim for lump compensation for the performance of their functions. The persons who work for the association in particular European and world states are not entitled to any remuneration. The persons from the central office, which is located in the Czech Republic, also work for free.

The thing we like the most is that the books we distribute to people for free allow them to find a firm solution of their problems and to find certainty of permanent solution of their future. The readers of our books take advantage of one of the few possibilities how to find direct and personal relation with the God and not to be influenced by human traditions and various theological opinions. Our experience showed us there is only one God and his word has the power to change the lives of his hearers or readers.


6. What are your next plans?

Currently, our priority is to develop the project BookForFree.eu across Europe. We have some other projects prepared for the future. We have been intensively working on them. Yet we will not reveal their details. That would not be surprise. Thank you for understanding.


7. Why did you terminate a similar project you did some time ago?

In 2016, we terminated our participation in a similar project when we sent books with Christian subject matter to those who requested that. Huge interest from the Czech and Slovak Republic, and subsequently from the whole world, enabled us to send books even to places where the Christianity is not welcomed. Over four years we sent tens and hundreds of thousands of books. The project fulfilled its aim. It showed us, the laics, other different possibilities and methods how to spread European Christian values among ordinary people worldwide in a free and peaceable way, without commitments to traditions and different group interests. We will use the experience in the projects of the association BookForFree.eu.


8. How can we contact you personally?

The personal contact with us is limited because of great workload. The best way is to send us email to office@bookforfree.eu and we will contact you by telephone or e-mail if the issue you want to discuss is found beneficial to us. We apologize in advance and we thank you for your understanding, yet our workload is really enormous and we work in the association in our free time. Our organizational units are mainly European and other Christian countries, thus we are not able to deal with some partial regional matters as much as the others might wish. We gradually organize various events in smaller regions and we inform about the events on our Twitter: www.twitter.com/DruzstvoEkon. You may ask for a personal presentation of our activities by using the form “Ordering the visit” at www.druzstvoekon.eu/contact


9. How can I order a donation certificate?

Just send us a simple request to our email office@bookforfree.eu with the information who requests, i.e. name, address etc. and the purpose of requested. Our accountant according to the directions of our tax consultant will send to your email a relevant certificate in the form currently requested by the tax office.


10. How will I know what is new with you?

Our main information channel is Twitter. Follow us or subscribe to news at www.twitter.com/DruzstvoEkon. There, you may find current activity of the publishing house Družstvo Ekon and association BookforFree.eu, including other supplementary information.

It is really true, no one knows more and not earlier. Smile

You may also follow and subscribe us at our YouTube channel which has addressed thousands persons in particular languages: www.youtube.com/c/Druzstvoekoneu-OSDSA. We will gradually and systematically continue in its further development.


11. How do you secure copyright for your books?

We do not print the books at our own expense; we purchase them from ordinary and official publishing houses which offer us the best conditions for their delivery. The books we purchase this way have all requirements provided by laws of the Czech Republic. Each purchase of a new book is always reviewed by those who are acquainted with the matter. We check the history and property structure of the companies we purchase from. In case of suspicion of any unreliable and non-transparent behaviour we terminate the cooperation and we are not afraid to involve our legal representative where appropriate. The copyrights are not problem for us.


12. What are your rules for sending the books for free?

We send the books to addresses of interested persons who order them by filling the order form at our website or send us a completed order coupon from our offer leaflet. Each person has the possibility to get the offered book from us once in the lifetime. We only send the book to one person and one address once.


13. I would like to get around 20 books, so I can give them to my friends. What should I do?

If you want to give our books to your friends, you must order them at www.druzstvoekon.eu/shop. Our association sends only one book for free to one address. You may also order our offer leaflets at www.druzstvoekon.eu/shop and then you may give them to your friends. They will subsequently decide whether they want the offered book and if they order the book at our website, we will be happy to send it to them for free.


14. I would like to work at your head office. What should I do?

We thank you for a nice offer. But we are sorry to inform you that currently our association BookForFree.eu does not provide a regular employment. We hire a team of specialists for particular projects who perform the concrete assigned job in appointed time. When they hand it over, a contractually agreed price is paid to them after a careful control and no other relation continues. Currently, we use services of around fifty specialists in the fields of translation and IT. This method of organising our work minimizes our expenses and significantly increases our effectiveness. At the same time, it does not burden and limit us in the future. And it is right to honestly write you it is very important for us.


15. Do you organize any meetings, trainings or camps for your co-workers or children?

Smile To be honest, we have not thought about anything like that. It is an interesting idea. If need of such process arises, we will not resist and will inform you on our twitter account www.twitter.com/DruzstvoEkon in time. We have no problem with our activities becoming part of already operating camps and meetings. Try to think about it and plan it a little bit. If you write us about in on office@bookforfree.eu, we will be happy to join you. Your question made us happy.


16. I would like to learn more about your activities and participate in deciding what activities the association BookForFree.eu will be engaged in. Where can I enlist as a member?

We hope you will appreciate our direct answer. Currently, the association BookForFree.eu does not think over recruiting new members. We really do not head this way so far. Our place of work we mainly focus on is Europe and Russia and we proceed in a close cooperation with OSDSA. Thanks to their kind and nice generosity, we fully benefit from their organizational-technical background they have.

The plans for particular projects are elaborated seven years in advance. To fulfil them will demand much time, money and work. Most of them are already in progress, concerning the organizational, technical and financial aspect and so far it has been running as we expect and our capacities are sufficient for them.

If we need to increase the number of members of our association, within the meaning of your question, we will inform you all on our twitter account www.twitter.com/DruzstvoEkon in time. Our goal is not our personal success or profit. Our goal is that as many people as possible may acquaint with the voice of our God in an independent and free way. We know very well that the one who is listened and known well may change what people do and he may bring them where he is.


17. We would like to give you a greater financial amount in order to increase your activity in our region. How can we do that and is it even possible?

Yes, it is possible and it is an ordinary procedure for us. We therefore ask you to write your contact information and a short statement what you want to happen in your region. We will contact you and negotiate everything with you personally and on an individual base so your expectations would be in accordance with our possibilities and plans.


18. How do you handle personal data of those who order a book for free?

The association BookForFree.eu does not process or evaluate any personal data on those who order books for free. The association BookForFree.eu is not a company and does not need to process or gather personal data for its activity. Information on what the association BookForFree.eu offers gets to their final users other way than by using personal data of concrete persons.

The association BookForFree.eu files only the orders for a book for free which includes a postal address in the form the orderer stated and ensures that the order is filed safely beyond third persons´ reach. These addresses are expertly secured from abuse. Only the vice-chairman of the association, who is an authorised administrator, has access to these addresses. After expiry of the time limit for order archiving laid down by the law, we will irrecoverably delete them, including the addresses of the orderers.

This procedure of the association BookForFree.eu is governed by the GDPR of the EU and it is fulfilled completely.